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Trumping HR 2018: Past, Present, and Future Impact on HR, 2018

#metoo & Workplace Harassment, 2018

Sponsoring Foreign Workers for Visas & Green Cards!, 2017

Complex Wage & Hour Training!, 2017

Mid-Year Legislative Review!, 2017

You Have Documents: Retention, Filing, Tips & Rules!, 2017

Trumping HR - Forecasting the Impact of a Trump Administration on HR!, 2017

Drug Testing & Medical Marijuana, 2017

Understanding New Paid Time Off Laws!, 2017

What to Know About the New I-9 Form!, 2017

HR in 2016: A Review of 2015 and What to Watch for in 2016

Everything You Need to Know About: Wage & Hour Laws (FLSA)!, 2016

Everything You Need to Know About: Conducting Background Checks!, 2016

Everything You Need to Know About: The New OT Rules!, 2016

Everything You Need to Know About: Accommodating Disabilities, 2016

Everything You Need to Know About the New Overtime Rules!, 2016

Mid-Year Legislative Review

Everything You Need to Know About: Pregnancies and Breastfeeding in the Workplace, 2016

5 Mistakes Employers Make and How to Fix Them!, 2016

Everything You Need to Know About: Transgender Issues in the Workplace, 2016

How to Conduct a Harassment Investigation, 2016

Advanced FMLA Issues, 2016

Hot Topics in HR, 2015

5 Key Documents When Firing Someone, 2015

Know Thy Visas: How to Employ Skilled Foreign Workers, 2015

Unemployment Comp: Setting Yourself Up to Win, 2015

Interns: Risks, Rewards and the Lawsuits Waiting to Happen, 2015

No Union? No Matter. Labor Laws & Non-Union Employers, 2015

Politicians Did What? Legislative Review & Forecast, 2015

Form I-9: Everything You Need to Know, 2015

Millennials and HR: Getting Ready for GenNext, 2015

Handbooks 101, 2015

HR 101 - Part I: Overview of Discrimination Laws, Harassment and the ADA/FMLA, 2015

Hot HR Topics, 2014

Visas-Understanding the Process of Finding & Sponsoring Foreign Workers, 2014

A Study of Several Complicated Wage Payment Issues, 2014

How to Properly Handle Employee Struggles Due to a Disability, 2014

Understanding Immigration Reform

Conducting a Harassment & Bullying Investigation, 2014

Understanding 5 Critical Documents Every HR Professional Needs, 2014

Get to Know the New Women's Economic Security Act!, 2014

Conducting Employee Background Checks in an Anti-Background Check World, 2014

FMLA-Handling the Interplay..., 2014 

Independent Contractors vs. Employees: Identifying the Distinctions, 2014

Interview Questions -- Do's, Don'ts & Tips, 2014 

Hot Topics in HR, 2013

FMLA: Intermittent Leave Tips Tactics, 2013

Green Card & Visa Sponsorship in an Era of Globalization, 2013

New I-9 Form: Top to Bottom Review, 2013

Handbooks for Dummies, 2013

Misclassifying Employees: Avoiding the Common Trap of Misclassifying Employees as Contractors, 2013

Non-Compete Agreements: Making Them Worth the Paper They are Printed On, 2013

Dealing with Dilemma of Undocumented Workers, 2013

Workplace Investigations, 2013

Disciplining & Firing Employees without Fear, 2013

How Best to Hire Employees, 2012

How to Best Discipline & Fire Employees, 2012 

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