myHRgenius was designed by HR attorneys for HR professionals. When you call, an HR attorney will answer and be able to give legal solutions for your every-day problems. 


Your personal hr attorney

Receive phone and e-mail access to experienced HR attorneys for guidance on addressing legal matters in the workplace. You will have direct access to your company’s assigned HR attorney. You will deal only with attorneys, not non-attorney phone banks for your tricky HR legal issues.



Educate your staff with monthly HR webinars that provide insight into the complicated issues facing HR professionals today. Presentations focus on offering valuable guidance on HR best practices.


Tip of the week

Receive weekly updates addressing current legal developments and HR dilemmas, and how to deal with them in accordance with the law.


ACCESS to it all

We've been doing this for a while. You will have 24-7 members only access to all of the HR Hotline Program content. Watch past webinars you may have missed, refer back to Tips of the Week, and much more.